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★Women's chess world champion Natalia Pogonina has stepped up as the global ambassador of the CHESS HEROZ mobile app!Woman Grandmaster Natalia is the world's top female chess player. A member of the Russian national chess team since 2004, she took home the gold in the most recent Chess Olympiad.Now Natalia is lending her official support to CHESS HEROZ as global ambassador--and what's more, she'll take part in CHESS HEROZ online matches!A Word from Natalia:"I'm excited to be the global ambassador for CHESS HEROZ. I love this app for allowing fans around the world to enjoy the game of chess.I'm planning an event that will let CHESS HEROZ players face off against me in BLIZE Mode. Hope to see you then!"
◆CHESS HEROZ has been featured as a recommended game app on Google Play!CHESS HEROZ is an app that makes use of world-class Artificial Intelligence (AI) to help you play exciting and speedy online match-ups with players in the world for free!Do you think you can become the best chess player!?
Why is CHESS HEROZ so special?1. Free Real-Time Match-Ups Online with Players Worldwide.CHESS HEROZ makes use of world-class AI to help you play exciting!You can enjoy playing CHESS HEROZ with friends and players chosen automatically around the world, whenever and wherever you are!
2. Caissa, the “AI” FunctionIf you need assistance, Caissa, the AI function with world-class Artificial Intelligence (AI), will support you!If you are in trouble, just tap!Caissa will show you the best moves to take!
3. Simple and SpeedyTo start playing, simply log in from your Facebook or Twitter account. Or else, just insert a nickname you like. There is no annoying registration required!And to play, just tap one button. That’s all! There is absolutely no complicated functions.
4. LiveYou can watch real-time match-ups of other players all round the world. You can learn tactics and gain skills by watching games of awesome players!
5. Offline PracticeYou can play chess offline against CPU. This is a perfect way for you to practice before starting online matches!This app is recommended to people looking for the followingA download online chess game for freeBattle 2 player on a classic chess gameTry a chess game for free on an android smartphoneA classic gameOnline chess game for chess beginner2 player chess battle onlineBe acquainted with chessmen such as rook and bitshop and become a chessmasterGo up against the world for free on a classic chess gamePractice traditional chess game for freeClassic board game of chess with friends for freePlay chess on android smartphoneClassic board game to play with friendsDownload the popular online chess for freeBeginner welcome popular chess gameBecome a chessmaster and carry out various kinds of checkmateFree chess games for androidLearn chess tactics from a fascinating AI certified by the grandmasterBecome a professional chess player
This app is capable of the followingAI equipped chess game!Try challenging chess skills!Free download but you
Let’s become the top chess player in the world!
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